WUSA Agenda

February 7, 2017

37th & Zen @ 7:00 PM

Call to order:  7:03


Roll Call:

Board Members:

Coaches: Lagerheads, ATF, WTF, Jokers, Spontaneous, Push Play & Renegades at 7:10

            Not: Crew


      I.         Report on ASANA Winter Meeting- BJ

a.     New ASANA site, update FB & WUSA website

b.     May bring own alcohol in, but no glass, and will cost a fee for cooler

c.      Food trucks at the field

d.     Host hotel

                                               i.     Marriott Austin Downtown Convention Center

1.     Small laundry center

e.     Cannot buy alcohol on Sundays or mornings until 10 am

f.      Historian position open for the board

g.     Looking into online meetings to help smaller teams like ours

h.     New Orleans World Series in 2018

                                               i.     Host city director needed & volunteers

i.       Debating on going from USA (ASA) to U trip softball

                                               i.     3-6 in pitch & hot bat list


k.     Motion made by WTF to make BJ a ASANA league delegate, 2nd ATF

                                               i.     Will be a direct line of contact

                                              ii.     In favor: Spontaneous, ATF, WTF, Renegades, Jokers, Push Play

                                            iii.     Not in favor: Lagerheads

    II.         Pat

a.     Paper copy of schedule given out

                                               i.     End of season tournament is Aug 6, 2017

b.     USA Softball Dues (used to be ASA)

                                               i.     $17 per team ($2 more per team vs last year at $15)

                                              ii.     $26 per game for this year & the following year

                                            iii.     Motion-ATF & 2nd by WTF

1.     All in favor

  III.         Budget-KP

a.     Recap of previous motions

b.     Player dues choices

                                               i.     $10, $15, or $20 option explained by KP

                                              ii.     Motioned by Lagerheads, 2nd by ATF

                                            iii.     $15- ATF, Lagerheads, Renegades, Jokers

                                            iv.     $20- Push Play, WTF

   IV.         Contact Information Update            -Lizzie

a.     Emails bounced back from last year’s update

     V.         New Player Meet and Greet

a.     Saturday, February 25, 2017 (preferred date)

                                               i.     Voted by coaches, need approval from Annette

                                              ii.     We would need to leave by 8 pm (37th & Zen)

                                            iii.     Need to see about HB’s

b.     Sunday, March 4, 2017 (default date)

                                               i.     Would need to leave at 8 pm (37th & Zen)

                                              ii.     Need to see about HB’s

c.      3 or 4 PM, depending on Annette

d.     50/50 fundraiser

                                               i.     Motioned by Jokers, 2nd Lagerheads

1.     All in favor

   VI.         League Longevity-Heidi

a.     Expectations and help from players

b.     Not present, looking into committee members

 VII.         Opening Tournament-Pat

a.     Brought up in November


VIII.         Open floor for coaches

a.     Motion to follow USA (ASA) rule for courtesy runner rule by Spontaneous, 2nd by WTF

                                               i.     In Favor: WTF, ATF, Spontaneous

                                              ii.     Not: Lagerheads, Push Play, Renegades, Jokers

b.      Must have 7 games in before series cutoff in order to go

c.     Military clause is going to be looked at by BJ and Lizzie

                                               i.     Lagerheads question

   IX.         Closing notes

a.     Next meeting:  No need-will be emails from here on at

b.     Meeting called: 8:09 PM

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