2018 Calendar Of Events

Oct 28, End of Season WUSA Party (3-8pm at Hershee Bar)
Sep 19-22, ASANA World Series, New Orleans
24th Aug, Election ends
19th Aug, End of SeasonTournament
01 Aug, ASANA deadline for player entry into the W/S data base 
TBD - Elections for Assistant Commissioner & Treasurer 
09 July, Coaches mtg, 6.30pm at HB's
01 July, Player classification ranking submitted to ASANA 
15 Jun, Team Fee for World Series play, due to ASANA
03 Jun, 1 pitch tournament
TBD -  WUSA logo winner announced
01 Jun, Player roster add/drop ends
TBD - WUSA logo contest submission 
TBD May, Coaches player classification meeting/review
20 May, Player ASANA classification sheets submitted to the Commissioner 
08 April,10am, First games of the 2018 season
06 April, ALL WUSA team and player dues paid on this date 
29 Mar, 6.30pm, Coaches meeting
15 Mar, 6.30pm, ASANA Player Classification Meeting 
11 Mar, 4pm, League kick off at 37th and Zen, meet the teams
19 Feb, 6.30pm, Coaches meeting
22 Jan, 6.30pm - Coaches meeting

Norfolk Wusa,
Feb 28, 2018, 7:21 AM